To us, eldership is not about age. Eldership is a level of maturity; a consciousness and ability to take responsibility that transcends age. “Eldering” could become a verb, and as such, be undertaken as an active practice.

The Youth & Elders Project explores important questions about our relationships, our societies and our way of living. Are we acting as mature stewards of our planet? And if not, how can we individually and collectively step into our responsibility for each other and for the ecosystems of the planet we inhabit?

We are creating the space for a series of explorations of these crucial issues, inviting the participation of entrepreneurs, change makers and activists from all spans of life, and we are always on the lookout for those who are ready to support each other’s projects, and collectively illuminate a better future.

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The Youth & Elders Project was started as an aspect of an EU funded Grundtvig Learning Partnership, “Teaching for Transformational Change”.  Read more about Learning Partnerships within the EU here.