What We Offer

In The Youth & Elders Project we live and breathe to create intergenerational exchanges. Our processes and methods can be used for groups ranging from 10 people to several hundreds and can be relevant for open groups, communities or even larger organisations that want to learn how to benefit from the full potential in intergenerational collaboration.

Our methods are based on creating and facilitating intergenerational exchanges for change makers from all walks of life. We create microcosms of the world we inhabit to allow our participants to personally experience some of the complex dynamics in play in our world. Together we explore the potential of intergenerational collaboration for sustainability, and seek ways in which we can step into our individual and collective brilliance. Coming back from a Youth & Elders exchange leaves you filled with ideas, a desire to collaborate and rich on embodied intergenerational exchange. Our exchanges inspire minds, hearts and will to be open while keeping grounded so we can learn how to move beyond concepts and words and into action.

The Youth & Elders project hosts journeys of self-discovery. They fill you with inspiration and send you home with new ideas and concrete steps to take. A journey of playful exploration and deep sharing – where youth and elders mirror and discover each other, and together step into their potential for contributing to a common goal.
Participants will:

  • Challenge their assumptions and expand their horizons;
  • Experience principles of dialogue and storytelling, of creativity and of decision making;
  • Explore mentoring abilities and personal growth;
  • Together define next steps into action that embodies the wisdom of all generations;
  • Play, perform, create and be inspired

If you wish to engage us in hosting a seminar, a workshop or an all out voyage, contact us and we will always endeavor to do our best to help you.