The Broader Conversation

Convening meaningful conversations has been an intricate part of the Youth & Elders Project from day one. There is a lot we can learn from eachother if we simply take the time to listen. Creating containers for such conversations is something we emphasise time and again on our journeys and we even take the practice into our conversations with our wisdom counsil and the collaborators we meet around the project.

We’ve recorded some of these rich conversations with a wide range of brilliant people that were happy to share their wisdom on intergenerational learning. You can hear these conversations in our Documentation section by clicking here.

To support conversations in the best possible way we have used a framework based on “the Chaordic Stepping Stones” by Dee Hock. The framework is simple but has allowed each of our conversations to proceed along a course that evolves both the larger question and the succession of conversations along our path.

The Chaordic process is in continual motion, each step integrating and including the previous steps. It is an iterative, non-linear process supported by an ongoing harvest and feedback loop. Once you have defined the principles you check back if they support the purpose etc. The process allows us to be able to remain in both reflection and practice.

Hear the conversations by clicking here.

“Ultimately, it’s all about rekindling the relationship, both vital and ancient, between Youth and Elders.”