We have a vision of transcending the paradigm of expansion growth, of creatively maturing as a society and joyfully collaborating across the generations to get there.

All organisms and systems progress through developmental stages from infancy to maturity. The immature and adolescent stages are characterised by expansion growth: increase in size and strength (and appetite and ambitions), by testing of limits and often by activity for the sake of itself, without reflection or awareness of impacts. At some point expansion growth shifts to growth of finer detail, of complexity and relationships. Activity does not stop and energy exchange continues, but it shifts towards increased resilience, understanding and complexity or relationships.

We have a vision for a future where we live in mature societies shaped by a mature culture;
a tomorrow where individuals help each other step into their highest potential, where Youth act out their passion for shaping the realities they inhabit and where Elders step into their wisdom to hold space for the generations that are emerging.