The Call of Eldership – by Mary-Alice Arthur

It was May of 2010 and I was sitting on a hill, looking out over the Aegean, when the grandmother energy came for me in a way that I can’t explain.  I was attending a gathering called “Immersion” at Axladitsa-Avatakia, which lies in the southern tip of the Pelion Peninsula in Greece.  The gathering lasted for ten days, and I was with a group of others there, living in a yurt on the land, being an intentional community and focusing on Apprenticing to Mastery.

It was my second time on the land, which I’d already experienced as a place of challenge and initiation.  This time something new was happening – it felt like the muses were working with me, and stories kept pouring out.  The perfect stories, just at (…)

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Reflections from a sailor


By Anna Hanschmidt,

One sailing ship called Lovis, 31 brave sailors, four countries, the wide field around the topic of youth and elders, seven days of crossing the Baltic sea. For me this sounds like an invitation for stories to be written. This was my thought from the very beginning when I entered the ship.

So then maties, let’s hoist the masts of life and sail into the seas of time…

…with 31 sailors being pre-sent in the future:


I want to share a story with you, yes with you, the one with open ears and an open heart to truly listen to these stories which are written by life. Forgive me if I might forget some parts of the story or if the story is leading you (…)

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Participant’s Blog: Shirley Gallagher

My Introduciton blog

My name is Shirley Gallagher and i living in Cork this last 13 years but I am from Arranmore Island, Co Donegal, Ireland. As an islander, it is natural still to group together in youth and elders from 8 to 80. Emigration has always been part of our lives so community matters. As part of the diaspora it’s a great feeling to be welcomed home by family, friends and neighbours. We feel tragedies as one and we celebrate when we can.

I am trained as a scientist and have worked in industry for years. But business as usual practises and lip service on sustainable action got me motivated to walk the walk. As Gandhi said ‘ be the change you want to see in the world’.  I (…)

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Participant’s Blog: Anna Hanschmidt

I am sitting on the train from Amsterdam to Berlin, I see the landscapes fly by, I can see people around me, some are reading, smiling, others sleeping. – Sleeping. This sounds like a good plan, my body says. But my heart and my mind are so awake that I decided take this energy and write this text. At this moment I feel like I am travelling through worlds. Yesterday I co-facilitated with some of my colleagues from Knowmads International Business School an event about alternative education and now I am going back to Germany to sail away in 2 days with over 30 people from all over the world that I hardly know. But I can feel that there is a certain kind of unity in our heartbeats- we (…)

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Participants’ Blog – Susanne Baberg

So, now I am almost off to get some maps and info material from OCHA before we leave, attend the Strategie group meeting (new strategy for Israel/Palestine in the Civil Peace Service for the next 3-5 years) get back home, free my cats of fleas, say good bye to some people and hopefully pack the relevant staff. The week has been so full and the organisation efforts of the last month for May’s Visa have taken quite some space too.

So so far, there has not been much time to get exited – besides the relief when getting some generous funding from Tim after all other efforts failed and my parents throwing in a bit, too. Then the crazy story of trying to take on of the elders from the (…)

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Reflections on the “Fortress Europe”

It seems May Hadweh and Susanne Baberg can join us from Palestine! This has been quite an odyssey – and unthinkable without support from many people. Right until now we were unsure if May Hadweh would be given a visa to enter the Schengen area. In fact it is very unusual to be granted a visa in so little time…

Helping to organise this – providing letter after letter, reading through long lists of requirements and rules, etc – has made me painfully aware of how unwelcoming Europe is towards most people on this planet. And also, how privileged I am not to have had to know about all these regulations, rules and borders so far…

For people with European passports the Mediterranean is a place for happy holidays at (…)

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Participant’s Blog: Sue Kafka-Ellis

I am excited about our voyage..and anxious. My experience, life has been so different and I am not at all confident that anything I have to say is of any interest. BUT as an artist , i am very happy to record and observe and of course if I can contribute, i will.

I grew up in a lonely situation, on a remote farm, then at 7 sent to a boarding school which I was unhappy in. University (CapeTown) was wonderful as were my subjects, Fine Art and English and I loved teaching them. I was always a protester, on the edge, against Apartheid and after all the environmental issues. I am delighted that so many people think so seriously about their role in society.

My experience as a retired (…)

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Participant’s Blog: Diederik Saeijs

Waning Caterpillar moon


Aaniin Crew

This person is very exited to share in community with you, fish and bird, wave and wind the last quarter of this moon. When looking at some trees these suns one could see them filled with silky thread. The threads sometimes make big webs and clusters and sometimes there is just a lonely thread of body length or longer hanging from the top branch down. At the end they are bundled together with many: green yellowish caterpillars with a double line of black dots on their backs. They seem very vulnerable at first, although no person seems to want to feast on them. They are open. They are communicating. Any time a wind would get hold of them they form a new togetherness. With (…)

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Participant’s Blog: Trevor Seery

Hi Youth and Elders,

Getting very excited about this adventure now, cannot wait to meet every one.
I have attached a photo and some words about why I am joining this voyage.

I have wrote a small piece below, it may seem in some way pessimistic in its outlook, it is what first came to mind. I am an eternal optimist, although sometimes a frustrated one. if you want to include it on the blog, please do.

Why I joined this voyage:

“What is young and what is old or elder?, we define young and old by age and the external appearance of our skin and physical capability. In our present society young people from my point of view are not always listened to by elders and vice versa from (…)

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Participant’s Blog: Yuliya Stankevich

Yuliya Stankevich, Belarus:

Youth and elders. a group of people on the boat, aiming to challenge themselves and to learn.i feel exitement i haven’t felt for years, going to trust myself to the sea and proccess.

For me this project is to explore being Young or Elder not in terms of age, but regarding characteristics and roles – the more i try in my life, the more elder i feel; so with gaining more experience, becoming able to share and to mentor, but in the same time the quiestion for me is how in the same time to stay open and curious, to doubt and explore.. (…)

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