Video diary from Y&E 2012

When we set sail in June 2012 we were fortunate to have two video makers onboard with us. Ane Mari Aakernes and Seth Reynolds joined us with their full presence and a set of cameras that they used to document our trip. Seth took on the momentous task of editing the material and he recently finished a great 6 minute video that gives you a bit of insight into the atmosphere on our voyage.

Click to see the video on Vimeo.

And thanks again to Seth and Ane Mari for making it come to life. (…)

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The Call of Eldership – by Mary-Alice Arthur

It was May of 2010 and I was sitting on a hill, looking out over the Aegean, when the grandmother energy came for me in a way that I can’t explain.  I was attending a gathering called “Immersion” at Axladitsa-Avatakia, which lies in the southern tip of the Pelion Peninsula in Greece.  The gathering lasted for ten days, and I was with a group of others there, living in a yurt on the land, being an intentional community and focusing on Apprenticing to Mastery.

It was my second time on the land, which I’d already experienced as a place of challenge and initiation.  This time something new was happening – it felt like the muses were working with me, and stories kept pouring out.  The perfect stories, just at (…)

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Reflections from a sailor


By Anna Hanschmidt,

One sailing ship called Lovis, 31 brave sailors, four countries, the wide field around the topic of youth and elders, seven days of crossing the Baltic sea. For me this sounds like an invitation for stories to be written. This was my thought from the very beginning when I entered the ship.

So then maties, let’s hoist the masts of life and sail into the seas of time…

…with 31 sailors being pre-sent in the future:


I want to share a story with you, yes with you, the one with open ears and an open heart to truly listen to these stories which are written by life. Forgive me if I might forget some parts of the story or if the story is leading you (…)

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