Participant’s Blog: Diederik Saeijs

Waning Caterpillar moon


Aaniin Crew

This person is very exited to share in community with you, fish and bird, wave and wind the last quarter of this moon. When looking at some trees these suns one could see them filled with silky thread. The threads sometimes make big webs and clusters and sometimes there is just a lonely thread of body length or longer hanging from the top branch down. At the end they are bundled together with many: green yellowish caterpillars with a double line of black dots on their backs. They seem very vulnerable at first, although no person seems to want to feast on them. They are open. They are communicating. Any time a wind would get hold of them they form a new togetherness. With every moment of sunlight they are starting to feel new feelings and become someone yet unknown to themselves. Silent transformation. They have trust, they know although they have no idea. Who is steering the ship?

The ripple of their presence to their surroundings: the tree that is their vessel is surrounded by brother and sister trees and talks to them through her roots that she hosts these people and will take care of them. The other trees sing with tears of tanine to their friend. The tanine protects the other trees. All are in balance.

People say that today is the time for change, that the times we live in are times of big transformation. In fact, in nature not a single moment is the same. The environment is constantly changing, every being who is in balance evolving with the changes. Every person who tries to maintain a status quo will create and feel stress, when releasing control he might feel freedom as compensation. When looking for the change that is ‘needed’, we probably get fouled by ourselves first. There is no answer, no satisfaction. When being as a question, being an empty bowl, we might never know the change we want also, yet we would become it. The natural human being is present in all humans, because we are nature. The coats of behavior conditionings that people in the civilized world wear to protect from and control that natural wild person inside, are coats that mask fears, fear of change for one. Born from this trauma of removal from the natural world, many of those conditionings have become unconscious with time and with every new step into control one could find a new way to satisfy our addictions. One of the successes of the technical revolution. Yet, nature can never be stopped, grass will grow through meters of concrete. Also inside of us. However we might act against our true purpose in the wheel of life, we’ll feel the urge to reconnect. For that we just need to listen, just listen. Then guidance will always come. Every person, winged, finned, leafed, crawling, elemental, of any age or form can guide us at any moment in life. For sure any human person can be a guide, yet we need to acknowledge our Elders, native human beings in special. And acknowledge our children, and our parents, and our youth, and our adults, our seekers, our questers, our strangers and friends, for all of us bring gifts in whatever stage of life we are or become to be, and above all we need to acknowledge the different beings inside of us like feelings, dreams, inner child and ego. This person hopes for a collective dedication for healing our Selfs and the world, letting go of control and giving space for this wild child in all people.

Let us hang in the wind like the caterpillars, become our surroundings and be as a question together, without expectation of whom we might become, by just being who we become in the moment, being in balance. The trees that host us will ripple of our presence through the waters of our Mother, evaporate into the sky of our Father and drizzle down to nourish the growth of our Brothers and Sisters to become Child again. Becoming our surroundings with every step we take.


Heart to heart


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