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My name is Shirley Gallagher and i living in Cork this last 13 years but I am from Arranmore Island, Co Donegal, Ireland. As an islander, it is natural still to group together in youth and elders from 8 to 80. Emigration has always been part of our lives so community matters. As part of the diaspora it’s a great feeling to be welcomed home by family, friends and neighbours. We feel tragedies as one and we celebrate when we can.

I am trained as a scientist and have worked in industry for years. But business as usual practises and lip service on sustainable action got me motivated to walk the walk. As Gandhi said ‘ be the change you want to see in the world’.  I am an experienced event manager, diplomat and social media user.

Cooperative thinking and working is part of my makeup. I know I don’t have the answers but I am an excellent networker and have the ability to motivate others.  I was involved in the GREENWORKS Dept of Ed & Skills project that ran from 2010-11, training over 1700 jobseekers in green skills.  I am involved in future orchard trust ( . I am national coordinator for Ireland on national european cooperative movement – a LinkedIn group. I am involved in a sustainable island group ( that is focusing the island on becoming energy independent. I am also involved in research on natural insulation products.

I have included a picture of my vision of a sustainable dvelopment where anything is possible using teamwork and cooperation.  It is a drawing by the artist Anna Nielsen that was commisioned by me in 2010.

The project’s ethos is captured in this quote ‘The old believe everything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything.’ so we need everybody on board!

Dr Shirley Gallagher

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  1. Peneleapaí says:

    “The old believe evrything; the middle-aged suspect everything; the young know everything” …
    … I love that ! it makes “mól an óige.. ” pale in comparison.. ALL good still !

    Your own biography is equally inspiring Shirley! .. I wish you the best always!

    goodluck from east Co. Clare X

    • shirley says:

      Hi There
      only seeing this comment now! I was looking for this blog for something else. thanks for the comment & compliment & it was a fascinating trip x

  2. Thanks for the wonderful work you’re doing!!

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