Participant’s Blog: Sue Kafka-Ellis

I am excited about our voyage..and anxious. My experience, life has been so different and I am not at all confident that anything I have to say is of any interest. BUT as an artist , i am very happy to record and observe and of course if I can contribute, i will.

I grew up in a lonely situation, on a remote farm, then at 7 sent to a boarding school which I was unhappy in. University (CapeTown) was wonderful as were my subjects, Fine Art and English and I loved teaching them. I was always a protester, on the edge, against Apartheid and after all the environmental issues. I am delighted that so many people think so seriously about their role in society.

My experience as a retired person is that I can do as much as I can. The limitations being health largely and less money. So at present I have an exhibition(see

I look forward to meeting you all on Sunday,


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