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So, now I am almost off to get some maps and info material from OCHA before we leave, attend the Strategie group meeting (new strategy for Israel/Palestine in the Civil Peace Service for the next 3-5 years) get back home, free my cats of fleas, say good bye to some people and hopefully pack the relevant staff. The week has been so full and the organisation efforts of the last month for May’s Visa have taken quite some space too.

So so far, there has not been much time to get exited – besides the relief when getting some generous funding from Tim after all other efforts failed and my parents throwing in a bit, too. Then the crazy story of trying to take on of the elders from the groups I am working with…getting somebody exited, disappointing them, finally getting a visa appointment but now not having this somebody on board anymore, quickly checking with various people, yes, no, yes no…and then eventually the idea to take May. More diplomatic efforts to get her employers and mine to believe in this being a good idea, entering the visa drama and then yesterday…WE GOT IT!!!!

So I sincerely hope that we don’t miss our taxi, forget our passports or some other relevant stuff, get through the Israeli and Palestinian border terminals ok and find a good place to hang out in Amman until it’s time for the airport.

Thing is, the border closes at 1pm and we are leaving Amman Airport at 1.35 am…oh well.
So, concluding: I cannot find the words for how relieved we will be to get on board of the LOVIS and join you guys.

This has been a quite an adventure already with lots of wonderfully patient and supportive people alongside.

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  1. Susanne says:

    Dear me, remind me to never post something in a rush again: the typing mistakes are…well…not as bad as speaking about a Palestinian border. Dear Palestinians, forgive me. I know there is no Palestinian borders….of course I am speaking about the Israeli/Jordanian border…meanwhile news have reached us that the border closes at 10.30 am, so we will be leaving at 6am. Since the borders are crowded due to school holidays, I sincerely hope we will make it through…and just for those who don’t know: we will take a taxi to the border another taxi from the entrance to the Israeli terminal, then May and I will have to take separate entrances as there is one for Palestinians only and one for the rest of the world…then we will take I think also separate buses to the Jordanian terminal. From there to Amman. Then we have time to do whatever until 11pm, which is when we will go to the airport. Take Air France via Paris and eventually reach Berlin.
    If I went by myself, I would take my (work) car to Ben Gurion Airport close to Tel Aviv, which takes about one hour, leave it in the long-term parking, get on the plane and reach Berlin with a direct flight maximum 4.3o hrs later…Welcome to Palestine.

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