Participant’s Blog: Trevor Seery

Hi Youth and Elders,

Getting very excited about this adventure now, cannot wait to meet every one.
I have attached a photo and some words about why I am joining this voyage.

I have wrote a small piece below, it may seem in some way pessimistic in its outlook, it is what first came to mind. I am an eternal optimist, although sometimes a frustrated one. if you want to include it on the blog, please do.

Why I joined this voyage:

“What is young and what is old or elder?, we define young and old by age and the external appearance of our skin and physical capability. In our present society young people from my point of view are not always listened to by elders and vice versa from young to old, I think this creates a barrier to listening and understanding each other. When someone retires, they may feel inadequate due to not having that one element of a job that made them feel a part of society. I think you never really retire, you just retreat from society a small bit. This retreat should not fully happen unless the person wants to, valuable experience and skills could so easily be introduced back into communities and in turn make elders included after retirement. From a young persons point of view, I dont think think there is enough involvement of younger people in the way their villages, towns and cities are developed. From teenage to young adults, young people are never really listened to seriously by some parts of our society. This may seem somewhat pessimistic but I have being at the blunt end of seeing and experiencing ageism from young to old and old to young. It worried and angered me to be told “What would I know?” when talking about certain issues. I want to learn from this voyage how to bridge the gap between the ages and the understanding and thus have young peoples ideas included in the way our society develops. I want to learn from other crew members experiences how their societies look on Youth and Elders and in turn look at the lessons from these conversations.”

Kind Regards,

Trevor Seery

Junior audit trainee IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment)
Individual member – World Student Community for Sustainable Development

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