Skype Calls

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Recordings of our Skype Conversations

From the very beginning of the project we invited people into skype conversations – to explore the field of youth and eldership and intergenerational exchange, to invite people to support us, and to reflect on where we were on our journey. Most of the calls are audio-recordings only, and some are supported by graphic recording from Anne Madsen. We hope you enjoy the conversations – and please bear with us for bad sound quality in some instances.

Reflections from Sailors

The sailors Mary-Alice Arthur and Jack O’Sullivan in conversation with each other a couple of months after our voyage on the ‘Lovis’



Participants in this talk
Mary-Alice Arthurwebsite Jack O’Sullivanwebsite


First Call: The Need

January 2012

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Visual Map of the ConversationGraphic Harvesting from the "Need" Skype Call

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Mary-Alice Arthurwebsite Juanita Brownwebsite Andrew Pricewebsite Jim Ritchie-Dunhamwebsite




Andrew Cohen on The Youth & Elders Project

May 2012

Andrew Cohen of EnlighenNext graciously offered us an hour of his time on May 21st. We’ve edited it down to 40 minutes of exciting reflections on Youth, on Elders and on cultural evolution.

Visual Map of the Conversation

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Andrew Cohenwebsite