“I am SO thrilled to see this coming to life… Your invitation to play is beautifully framed and “right on.”  I hope this voyage of discovery will seed a global movement to bring youth and elders together on behalf of our beloved planet and our common futures. It’s happening!

 Juanita Brown, Tomales, California
Co-founder of “The World Café”


“The idea is excellent. I think. A little a la The Youth House goes into partnership with the DaneAge Association. If you were to put it a little black and white.

 Uffe Elbæk, Copenhagen, Denmark
Minister of Culture”


“Awesome initiative! Youth and Elders on mission together, learning more about how to exercise mutually-transforming inquiry, power, and love as they ride the planet’s watery surface!”

– Bill Torbert, USA
Action Inquiry Associates & Leadership Professor Emiritus Boston College”

“We the Maori believe in inter-generational teaching and learning. Communication is always across generations because we are all learners and teachers. I would love to link in with you all …”

– Rangimarie Turuki Pere , Waikaremoana, New Zealand
Maori Elder and Wisdom Keeper


“Here’s a project I have delight in supporting! We need to heal our circle of humanity and come together with youngers and olders, in purposeful work again.”

“I will stay connected to this project, as the conversation about wisdom, walking towards maturity, eldership, stewardship and working together — as youth and olders, across all types of dimensions — really calls me now.”

– Mary-Alice Arthur, New Zealand
Originator, Art of Hosting


“I think of the “Passage” the people will go through and of the ideas that will be ignited. I think this is your calling. This is your moment.”

– Tim Taylor, Impacting the System, Abu Dhabi, UAE