Reflections from a sailor


By Anna Hanschmidt,

One sailing ship called Lovis, 31 brave sailors, four countries, the wide field around the topic of youth and elders, seven days of crossing the Baltic sea. For me this sounds like an invitation for stories to be written. This was my thought from the very beginning when I entered the ship.

So then maties, let’s hoist the masts of life and sail into the seas of time…

…with 31 sailors being pre-sent in the future:


I want to share a story with you, yes with you, the one with open ears and an open heart to truly listen to these stories which are written by life. Forgive me if I might forget some parts of the story or if the story is leading you (…)

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Emerging Leaders and Emerging Elders

We’ve just come from yet another really inspiring skype call – this time with Crane Stookey, captain and founder of the “Nova Scotia Sea School” (www.seaschool.org). And we have yet another perspective on what our work might be: creating a space for emerging leaders – and for emerging elders!

As I hung up, I thought of your project as the Emerging ElderShip. One of the things we said among ourselves when originally thinking of the emerging elders idea is that eldership is not about age, it’s more about how do we share our experience in ways that support the experience of other generations, rather than trying to shape their experience for them. If we can learn that, we can be an elder at any age.

(Crane Stookey (…)

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Yay! We now have a scholarship fund!

Oy shipmates!

We have some wonderful news! We’ve managed to create a Youth & Elders Scholarship fund to allow people (like you!) to apply for support to join. If you’re interested – let us know! And if you or someone you know would like to contribute to the fund to open the door for someone else; well, let us know too 🙂 (…)

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